Why Should You Consider Briest Law Firm As Your Trusted Business Tax Consultant In Germany?

Business Tax Consultant

Businesses earn money by selling or providing products and services to clients and then paying off their employees. However, each country has a particular corporate taxation structure, which differs according to their industry. The penalties for defaulting on taxes are serious, but a tax consultant will know different ways to avoid paying taxes, and they will do it within the legal regulations. So, if you are looking for an experienced and well-trusted business tax consultant in Germany, it is better to contact us, the ever-present legal helpers at the Briest Law Firm.

Special care for new business persons

Are you starting a business of your own? It would help if you kept your tax reports issue-free, as any problems in those will hinder your progress or expansion later in life. Should you choose us, we at the Briest Law Firm will become a bedrock for your tax issues and developments. We will help you find and exploit the loopholes in the tax laws and save you significant earnings. You can check our reputation and efficacy from our current clients and find that we live up to our name as the best-in-class business tax consultant in Germany. 

Let us explain in detail how we can relieve you from worrying about tax-related issues and legally save you a lot of money. 

  • Specialised industry knowledge

In Germany, taxes differ according to their types. For example, corporation taxes come at a flat rate of 15.825%. In contrast, value-added taxes (VATs) can range from 7% to 19% (depending on food, photovoltaic cells, or beverages), and trade taxes can range from 8.75% to 20.3% (applicable in municipalities with 80,000 inhabitants). It can also change depending on the city in Germany. 

So, the tax requirements can vary according to the size, structure, and industry. We at the Briest Law Firm have teams of business tax consultants in Germany specialising in your particular field and knowledge of its unique tax challenges. They are field-trained and constantly update themselves with the latest developments in tax exemptions, incentives, and exemptions related to your sector. 

  • Proficiency and credentials 

The qualifications and expertise of the business tax consultant in Germany should be checked before giving them any work, and we keep only the most qualified ones on our team. Our tax lawyers are appropriately qualified and feature a strong educational background, whether it’s an advanced degree in accounting or applicable certifications like Chartered Accountants (CA) or ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). We have immense experience in tax matters specifically related to German laws. 

  • Communication and responsiveness

Proper and quick communication is key to a successful client-consultant relationship. We at the Briest Law Firm believe in clear communication, and our best-quality business tax consultant in Germany will communicate with you quickly and in a manner you can understand. We do not believe in extracting money from clients with complex legal jargon. However, we always get back to you with an answer to your queries and keep you informed about important updates or changes in the tax laws influencing your business.  

  • Service range

We offer greater and more wide-ranging services than a simple business tax consultant in Germany can provide you. Every service provider won’t survive in the field if they can’t diversify. It also offers tax consultation services. 

Apart from the myriad services related to tax compliance, we offer effective and several paths of comprehensive tax planning. We also provide advisory services linked to your business needs, including filing tax returns, helping with tax audits, policies for tax optimization, and guidance on tax consequences for business decisions. 

  • Equipment and data sanctuary

Financial data are confidential and may contain information not in the public domain. Nowadays, almost all companies use digital systems and the information superhighway to store products. We are considered among the best business tax consultants in Germany because we use the highest–grade systems in our work and leverage cutting-edge technology to modernise methods and guarantee information security. We also use diverse data security methods (including encryption and secure storage protocols) to safeguard your sensitive financial information. 

  • Transparency in fees and costs

We charge appropriate fees to our clients according to their job requirements and employ a transparent way to calculate them. Our plans are client-centric, and we ensure they align with the client’s budget and our services. We acknowledge the practice of transparency in pricing and guarantee that the client doesn’t get any surprises later on. 

We encourage our clients to acquire multiple quotations and compare them with our pricing. You will find that our quotes are the most reasonable, keeping the reputation and expertise of our business tax consultants in Germany in mind. 

Signing off 

At the Briest Law Firm, we put everything in our tax-assisting arsenal to help our clients. We have the most extensive business familiarity, status, proficiency, communication skills, technological capabilities, service assistance, and several other aspects you can expect from the most dependable business tax consultant in GermanyWe are experts in effectively managing your business’s tax affairs, ultimately contributing to your financial well-being. With our help, you can seamlessly grow your business.